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High S01 2020 MX Web Series

High S01 2020 MX Web Series


Actors: Akshay Oberoi, Kunal Naik, Madhur Mittal, Mantra Mugdh, Mrinmayee Godbole, Nakul Bhalla, Prakash Belawadi, Ranvir Shorey, Shweta Prasad
Studio: MX Player
MX Player is back with another thrilling web series in Hindi. Watch the official trailer of High web series filled with drama, suspense and mystery. What happens a new drug takes over the market and not just intoxicates its many abusers but also sends a chill down the spine of bureaucracy, politicians and law enforcers. Stream the high drama web series High from 7 October, online right here. Catch the High web series trailer, cast names, story and episodes online. Stream the High series all episodes and videos online on MX Player.

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Highs1 (1)Highs1 (2)Highs1 (3)Highs1 (4)Highs1 (5)Highs1 (6)Highs1 (7)Highs1 (8)Highs1 (9)Highs1 (10)Highs1 (11)Highs1 (12)Highs1 (13)Highs1 (14)Highs1 (15)Highs1 (16)Highs1 (17)Highs1 (18)Highs1 (19)Highs1 (20)Highs1 (21)Highs1 (22)Highs1 (23)Highs1 (24)Highs1 (25)Highs1 (26)Highs1 (27)Highs1 (28)Highs1 (29)Highs1 (30)Highs1 (31)Highs1 (32)Highs1 (33)Highs1 (34)Highs1 (35)Highs1 (36)Highs1 (37)Highs1 (38)Highs1 (39)Highs1 (40)Highs1 (41)Highs1 (42)Highs1 (43)

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